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(sushi on the head)(Artist Conversation #3)

Artist Information:
Name: Sienna Browne
Media: Painting
Gallery: In-Class Presentation
Social Media: @siennabrowneart

About the Artist:
Sienna is currently a 4th year undergraduate at LBSU, pursuing a BFA in the School of Art’s Drawing and Painting Program.

Formal Analysis:
This painting is of a man who is balancing a plate of sushi on his head, painted on a piece of paper. The color content of the piece is primarily using blue and black to outline all the shapes. These colors are not meant, however, to be cold and uncomfortable. The plate on which the pieces of sushi is resting on is tilted at an angle, and spilling a few pieces of the food off the edge, and the man is looking worryingly at it, which provides a sort of humorous tone, despite the piece describing the imbalance of having a eating disorder.

Content Analysis: This piece was originally made in a series of pieces on balancing food on various people’s head, however, during the process, the artist realized the true nature of the piece that it commentates on the effects of an eating disorder. Firstly, the imbalance of the plate on the man’s head symbolizes the equilibrium in eating habits, and the fact that it is tilted is meant to symbolize the imbalance of having an eating disorder in itself. The sushi rolling off from the bottom seems to emblem-ize the domino effect of having this disorder, and the distress of the man is what the work really concentrates on, as the Browne tried to capture the worry of someone who might be suffering from this disorder.

Synthesis: I think the most interesting part of this piece is the fact that it seems almost comical, which could be referencing how certain disorders are portrayed on media such as movies and TV shows, with unrealistic and clear cut signs. What also drew me in was the fact that Browne specifically only used blue and black to draw the piece, which can be attributed to the general mood that a food disorder might impose on a person. Finally, I think this piece is one of the most expressive pieces in her collection, as not only does it speak to something that the artist experienced herself, but might also give a voice and a method of expression to others going through the same situation.


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