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My goal with this vlog was to just try and capture the most interesting part of one of my days of the week, and I think I did a decent job of it with how the activity is portrayed. If I were to do it again, I would probably change the camera angle and try to go for a more top down view, as to get an even better picture of what was going on. (Kind of like Tasty videos). However, I don’t think I will vlog again, as it really isn’t my style of content creation. My favorite Youtuber is Taste, the Chinese Recipe Show, as the production value is really nice, and they always have comprehensive coverage and very good asthetics. I tried to go for a similar feeling, though seeing my skill level compared to theirs, I had to not only speed up what I was doing, but also take into account that I was only able to get one angle, as well as not have as good editing software.

Authenticity I think is based solely on the intent of someone to do something; the result that they want is the true gauge to authenticity, and usually for authentic-ness, there is an altruistic goal, something that isn’t self serving.

Performance and Authenticity aren’t opposites I would say, as performance is just a tool that people can use. Just as a hammer can’t be inherently good or evil, performance can’t either. I think both of the clips included in the assignment window are authentic, just with differing goals on each one, the first one wanting to maintain a more professional image, whereas the second one is just very relaxed.


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