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Artist Conversation #5: Kiyomi Fukui

Artist Information:Name: Kiyomi FukuiMedia: Interactive ArtGallery: Own WebsiteSocial Media: Website About the Artist:Kiyomi Fukui is an independent artist who is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach with a Masters in Printmaking. Formal Analysis:These set of interaction exhibitions feature an artistic tea set, surrounded by green vegetation in a white room, with four blueContinue reading “Artist Conversation #5: Kiyomi Fukui”

Digital Art Gallery Presents: Quarantined Appreciations!

With everyone stuck at home and dozens of countries around the world mandating a stay at home policy for their citizens, all of humanity suddenly has one more thing in common. While stuck in this quarantine, some people lose motivation, get bored, or lounge around, others focus on hobbies or introspection. Still others focus onContinue reading “Digital Art Gallery Presents: Quarantined Appreciations!”

Artist Converation #4: The Expected (Mahsa Soroudi)

Artist Information:Name: Mahsa SoroudiMedia: PhotographyGallery: Own WebsiteSocial Media: Website About the Artist:Mahsa Soroudi is an independent artist who graduated from the Azad Art and Architecture University in Tehran with a BFA in Visual Communication. Formal Analysis:This photograph is of the top of a house through the trees and window of another house. The main sourceContinue reading “Artist Converation #4: The Expected (Mahsa Soroudi)”

(sushi on the head)(Artist Conversation #3)

Artist Information:Name: Sienna BrowneMedia: PaintingGallery: In-Class PresentationSocial Media: @siennabrowneart About the Artist:Sienna is currently a 4th year undergraduate at LBSU, pursuing a BFA in the School of Art’s Drawing and Painting Program. Formal Analysis:This painting is of a man who is balancing a plate of sushi on his head, painted on a piece of paper.Continue reading “(sushi on the head)(Artist Conversation #3)”