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Remix Art

Moonlight Sonata with a Christmas Jingle
Moonlight Sonata with a Trap Tune
Moonlight Sonata but every other beat is skipped

I think that the internet obviously has had more pros than cons when it comes down to freedom and expression. With the rise of the internet, it is now easier than ever to access information such as artworks, or spread your opinion on things. However, there are always entities that will try and abuse this system to their own gain, and with the access to everything, they can have a whole new set of victims. Internet culture has, in my opinion, overall decreased the productivity of the human species.

When it comes to copyright claims, I think that the original intention of copyrights was a great idea; it protects intellectual property for 28 years and promotes the generation of new ideas rather than the repeat of the same thing over and over again in a short period of time. However, this time limit has extended to the author’s lifetime plus nearly 70 years. This time limit bars the works of these creative artists from re-visioning or adaptation to a new culture, possibly for more than a millennia. Even worse, most of the copyrights belong to companies, which then hold copyright power over up and coming artists. CGP Grey, one of my favorite youtubers has a really good video on this here.

As moonlight sonata is SOMEHOW still copyrighted, I had to go with a standard youtube license on all of the music that I uploaded today. As for remixing, I felt like it was interesting, but not for me. I respect people who can create art in this format, but I found it difficult and not very rewarding in the end.


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