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Counter-Factual Identity

This assignment was definitely one of the harder ones for me to do. I had only brought a limited amount of clothing with me, so changing my identity based off of that was a little rough. However, seeing as how I usually dress conservatively, I decided to go for a sporty look and ditch my glasses to see if that could change other’s perception of me.

For this assignment, I mostly hung out around lower campus, near the bottom floor of the USU, near the CBA, and near the Rec Center. Of the people that I approached and interviewed, I don’t think my appearance had an effect on name guesses, as there was no repeating trends. I got Brians, Davids, and all sort of other names.

However, for major, I had a large amount of people guess Kinesiology, I’m guessing based off of this sporty look. There were also a fair amount of people that guessed that I was sort of some engineering major, which, being a Comp Sci Major, was pretty close.

I think if I had more choice in wardrobe, I would have tried it out, especially if I was able to do multiple outfits. Other than that, I found it pretty interesting how people decided your interests based on how you dressed, it had never crossed my mind before.


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