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Romantic Pop Song

“Mythodic” Love

And I’ve heard these stories,
Just a thousand times.
But I never thought “I’d live through them all”,
Yet I live them all the same.

Cause your gaze turned my heart to stone,
Caused my wax wings to fold,
And I know, my mind makes things sensational
Feels like I’m living through those stories that I hold,

And, oh, we are,
Like Percy and Medusa.
And, oh, we are
Like Icarus and the sun.
That’s all we are,
Rivals from a distance, locked together in an
Endless fight.
Feelings on repeat.

(Instrumental break)

I’m still here hoping.
Hoping that there’s something left for us.
But we haven’t been right for years.

So we go, eternally just fighting.
I bury all my tears when I sing,
So we go, I should’ve seen this long before,
My life is just a journey, ending where I start

So stand here close to me,
We’ll die out slowly,
I’ll turn around for you,
Like Orpheus and Eurydice.

Oh it means nothing to you, you don’t know of my love.
I’m just trying to be all that you’re dreaming of
The world betrays me, so do all those above.
But I’m still yearning.
Yeah, I’m still yearning

And, oh, we are
Like Percy and Medusa
And, oh, we are
Like icarus and the sun
Thats all we are,
Rivals from a distance, locked together in an
Endless fight

Til the last days that we see.

What were you trying to think about in your song?
I was trying to encapsulate someone in love with someone else, but has a semi-strained relationship with them, constantly arguing and and fighting with them, and how they could see their relationship as the endless fights between the heroes and villians in greek mythology; hence “Mythodic”, a combination of methodic and mythologic, referencing both the myths themselves and the repetitive nature of the relationship.

What was your process for writing your song?
Writing the song was actually really hard, but I think it got easier as just listened to music and tried to come up with certain lyrics. It took a total of about 4 hours, honestly longer than I expected.

I don’t think my song is very good, it is very surface level and shallow, and I don’t think I’ll try my hand at writing another song unless I have a really good reason to. I think if I were to write another song though, it would also be about the nature of relationships.


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